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ADARA Research is structured with the sole objective of meeting our clients’ needs. We are nimble and flexible and can efficiently deliver on projects of any size and scope. We have no conflicting affiliations and no institutional bias toward any particular methodology or service. Instead, our only vested interest is delivering a solution that simply makes the most sense and is most cost effective for each client’s unique situation.

We maintain partnerships with dozens of high-quality providers of every kind of research, design, and technology. We form project teams that are tailored to our client’s projects, so that we can use the tools and techniques that best fit each project and its unique issues. And we can do it in the right timeframe, at the right price, and with the highest level of quality.

We have extensive experience conducting global studies and analyzing markets in Europe, Asia and Latin America. We often coordinate projects with local partners to ensure consistency of methodology and approach across markets.

Consultative team of practitioners heavily involved in the execution of all phases of research, providing strategic consulting, technical expertise, and seasoned perspective. We do not sell packaged products, but offer dynamic solutions and on-going support of senior staff.
Our broad-based research expertise lets us develop customized approaches that will best answer our clients’ business questions. We also believe in being flexible throughout the research process and adjusting our approach when necessary.
Our expertise allows us to work faster, smarter, and often more cost effectively. We offer more than sophisticated, high-end methods: we focus on clients’ business needs and understand how to design research that addresses multiple objectives.



Anna Gurevich
Principal, Managing Partner

Anna is passionate about making ideas a reality; she leads a diverse team of professionals and encourages them to challenge each other and generate the best ideas. Drawing on her consulting background, Anna brings fresh and innovative perspective to better address clients’ business needs that span the product lifecycle, from identifying opportunities to growing brands. Anna holds a MA in Economics and Statistics.

What item could you not live without?
My passport

Marina Tararukhina
VP, Advanced Analytics Lead

Marina is a recognized marketing sciences expert with over 15 years of research and 10 years of academic experience. As an expert in conjoint analysis and predictive modeling she co-authored several publications in sociology and presented at national research conferences. Marina holds a MS in Math & Mechanical Physics.

What would your super power be?
A mind reader. Then again, life would be boring without any surprises.

Tatiana Bilousova
Project Manager

Tanya is an insights expert with extensive CPG industry expertise and proven strength in applying quantitative and qualitative methodologies to address broad swath of Consumer and Shopper Insights issues. Tanya holds a MA in Psychology as well as MBA.

Describe your perfect Sunday:
Long walk with my son and the dog on the beach, nice home-cooked dinner.

Luba Proger
Creative Director

Luba has a proven track record of delivering imaginative creative ideas. Over the past fifteen years she has developed branding strategies, product concepts, and educational and marketing materials. Luba has an extensive portfolio in branding, data visualization, web and print design. Luba is a founding director of Orange Fog Design Studio. Luba holds a BA in Graphic Design and Photography.

What is your favorite hobby?

We are always looking for talent

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